Jumpstart Your January!

Looking for a fun & fresh way to document your 2016 each month? This year I’m bringing you a new kit each month as part of my “Jumpstart Your Memories” collection. Each month will offer a different color scheme, but the overall feel will be cohesive to allow you to mix & match from month to month. This 12-month series will help you document more of your everyday moments with the signature Jumpstart Designs style!

Jumpstart Your January kicks off 2016 with a rich jewel toned color palette filled with vibrant elements, graphic patterns, and a set of cards & tags for journaling. The “Flair-It’s” pack also includes clips, calendars & flairs for easy-to-add layout accents and the blended painty “Accent-It’s” are the perfect finishing touch.

Jumpstart Your January Kit
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Jumpstart Your January Jumpstart Your January Journal Its Jumpstart Your January Flair Its Jumpstart Your January Accent Its


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